Certification of Aeronautical Parts & Components in Europe

How can aircraft designers, manufacturers, maintainers and suppliers get their products and parts approved by the certification authority?

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These are the topics covered by our white paper: “An Introduction to the Certification Process for Aeronautical Parts & Components in Europe”. A thorough guide to certifying systems and components through the EU regulatory system.

Systems and components certification in the EU

Place your aeronautic component in the European market

All parts and appliances installed on certificated products in the European market (aircraft, engines, and propellers) must be approved by the relevant certification entity. Our publication will help you navigate the regulatory structure with confidence.

To be or not to be a POA, that is the question

Approval for production can be obtained by production under a Production Organization Approval or without it, according to EASA Part 21. What is the best route to pursue for manufacturing companies?

Design with a DOA or build an ETSO part

Manufacturers can partner up with Design Organization Approval companies to build a specific design or fly free by building a European Technical Standard Order. However, if the ETSO article is a piece of equipment specifically required for airworthiness, the responsibility for the airworthiness of the part falls on the manufacturer. 

Who is this publication addressed to?

OEM Manufacturers

Design and manufacture companies for aircraft and aircraft components, parts or appliances who seek to certify newly designed products. Avionics, mechanical systems, composite parts, 3D printed elements.

Aircraft, Rotorcraft and UAVs systems suppliers

Companies that manufacture airborne elements and who sell to companies in the aerospace industry who require a high level of quality certification.

3D printing companies

Providers of 3D printing services who would like to enter the aeronautics industry and supply 3D printed parts to aircraft, rotorcraft or UAVs manufacturers.

Worldwide Aircraft & Rotorcraft manufacturers

Aerospace players in the global market who seek a better understanding of the supply chain certification standards set by the EU and certification entities linked to EASA.

Free Publication Download

Get 30 pages of exclusive content for Free!

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