The PC-24, a business jet ready to take off

High-performance propeller aircraft have shaped our customer Pilatus Aircraft’s success since 1939. They have more than 75 years of expertise building aircrafts and their ascending trajectory seems well ensured with the presentation of the new model, the PC-24.

On 1st August 2014, Swiss National Day, Pilatus celebrated a milestone in their history: they rolled out their first business jet. It is a heartfelt achivement also by the locals, since the PC-24 will be the first of its kind to be designed, developed and produced in Switzerland.

The Rollout, together with Pilatus’ 75th anniversary, took place at the Buochs/Stans airport and it was a celebration open to all, full of families, friends and proud engineers. Everyone was delighted to attend the exhibition of the Swiss Air Force and the spectacularity of the PC-24 public presentation.

Congratulations to Pilatus on the success of their big day!

  • Pilatus business jet PC-24 dragged by horses
  • A fullhouse at the 75th anniversary of Pilatus
  • Flight exhibition of the Swiss Army during the PC-24 Rollout
  • Tiny aircrafts