After two months recollecting voices from the customers, we have just released the results of the 2017 Survey. The results have been divided into three major sections:
  • Rating Questions: The customer was requested to give a rating (over 5) for each of the most important aspects of DMD Solutions.
  • Description of DMD Solutions: The customer was requested to choose an adjective representing the work done by DMD Solutions.
  • Comments and Testimonials: Any comment describing the pros and drawbacks of DMD Solutions.
We are proud to announce that the results are outstanding. The overall quality of DMD Solutions has been rated with a 4.6/5. The most valuable aspect of DMD Solutions has been considered its open, honest and timely communication with the customer. Moreover, the most used adjectives to describe DMD Solutions have been Reliable, Efficient and Trustworthy. Finally, all the comments have been positive and encouraging. These positive results strengthen our will to work even harder towards achieving our goals and milestones in the nearest future.