DMD Solutions is excited to announce a partnership with the Council on International Educational Exchange (CIEE) Barcelona. Through this partnership, we are participating in a program with an American university to host one of their students as a summer intern. Along with this development, we are currently starting a quality manual that will successfully integrate the rules and standards of ISO 9001. These two developments will hopefully pave the way for further growth of our company.

Our intern, Janet Chen, is joining us from the University of Texas at Austin, a top ranked public university and the #9 engineering school in the United States. She is a rising third year chemical engineering student and is currently studying here in Barcelona this summer.

The Cockrell School of Engineering at the University of Texas offers many study abroad programs, one of which works with CIEE Barcelona to include an industry immersion program. Through our newfound relationship with CIEE Barcelona, we hope to foster this partnership and continue to familiarize students with our company in future years to come.

One of Janet’s main focuses here is to help us develop a quality manual plan. As a new aerospace consulting company, we are aiming to develop an official process to ensure the utmost quality of services. Her work to kickstart an official QMS will officially implement ISO 9001, which has been a longstanding goal for our company. This includes conducting research about internal and external factors to perform a proper analysis on the company’s current and future status. Additionally, by completing a thorough examination of how our company operates, we will be able to identify what our company’s strengths and weaknesses are. Being aware of what works and what doesn’t will allow us to achieve our mission of improvement and innovation.

Under the regulations of ISO 9001, a process approach will be applied to analyze the effectiveness and efficiency of the company’s operations. The quality management system will facilitate organized processes, improved efficiency of these processes, and continuous improvement. It will follow the structure below:

  1. Introduction- to provide context of the implementation of the regulation
  2. Scope- to explain the applicability of the regulation
  3. Normative References- ISO 9000
  4. Terms and Definitions
  5. Context of Organization- to provide understanding of the strategy of the company and its environment
  6. Leadership- to define roles and responsibilities
  7. Planning- to detail the actions that manage risk and opportunities
  8. Support- to explain the internal and external communication and resources system
  9. Operation- to plan, implement, and control the processes
  10. Performance Evaluation– to perform measurement, analysis, and assessment of performance
  11. Improvement- to aim for corrective actions and continuous improvement

Since day 1, our company has been dedicated to serving our clients in providing solutions for their RAMS engineering needs. Implementing ISO 9001 will establish a company-wide standard and guide us in providing the highest quality of service to our clients. We hope to have the QMS integrated within our company by the end of October 2019. This is an important step towards our company’s development as we continue to expand.