At DMD Solutions, we strongly believe that unity is strength and wonderful things can be achieved when there is teamwork and passion.

With this belief, we started our collaboration with Wake Engineering in order to support the company in the certification process of the UAV Fulmar WK.

The Fulmar WK is a small, versatile and autonomous UAV. It is 3.1 meters span and 25 kilos weight. The Fulmar can operate over 8 hours and 800 km achieving a speed of 150 kilometers per hour as result of a low consumption and an aerodynamic design. Its great range performance makes Fulmar versatile for various missions such as search and rescue in the mountains, monitoring illegal traffic, support for ground forces, intelligence missions, etc.

In the process of certification of the UAV Fulmar System, at DMD we are developing the complete FHA and PSSA analysis for all the systems of the UAV as well as the analysis at aircraft level.

The FHA is a top-down process which examines system functions to identify all potential failure conditions and classifies the associated hazards. Once the FHA is completed, a FMEA is developed as a break down of the system components, for each component all associated failure modes and their severity in terms of safety impact are identified. Finally, the PSSA associates the probability to each failure condition and shows compliance with the standard requirements set by reference rules. To do so, FTA analysis are carried out, in which Boolean logic is used to combine a series of low-level events that result in the undesired state of the system analysed.

The following images were recorded during our last visit to the Fulmar’s flight field. Amazing take-off!