We have some very exciting news! 

As our company grows and our clients multiply, at DMD Solutions we strive to continue improving the quality of our services. We believe that getting closer to our partners and clients is fundamental for this goal. That is why the company has opened a new branch in Switzerland, constituted as an independent GmbH company.

Thanks to this strategic decision, DMD Solutions is now able to offer full time on-site consultancy services in the country, participate in offset programs or work in Swiss government military projects.

A Swiss company is not only an administrative advantage for most of our customers but also a competitive one, as proximity is key to a comprehensive, flexible and high-performing service. Our new branch is a clear message from the DMD Solutions team to its partners in the business: we are on your side! We want to show our commitment to current and future challenges, clients and collaborators in the Swiss area and the German-speaking area of influence, where we truly enjoy the working methodologies, the quality mindset, the precision and determination of the engineering industry actors.

DMD Solutions Switzerland has settled in the canton of Luzern. It is a central location and close to the headquarters of many current clients with whom we perform intensive work. The aerospace sector in the region has grown steadily, thanks to its strong aerospace history, excellent infrastructure, and low tax burden, attracting talent and investors who are interested in being part of an important location for business activities in Europe.  

Packen wir es an!