On February 3 of 2020, we achieved one of our strategic goals for 2020: obtain the ISO 9001:2015 certification. This milestone is of utter importance for DMD Solutions, since it does not only validate that we have well-defined and organized processes, but it also ensures to our customers that our day-by-day work meets the requirements of a worldwide recognized standard such as the ISO 9001. The certificate has been provided by SGS, a world’s leading accredited certification company, after having conducted a two-phase external audit. This certification is authorized by the Spanish Certification Authority ENAC and applicable all over the world. The certified activities are “Engineering services and software development in Reliability, Availability, Maintainability and Safety (RAMS)”, which means that our two main activity branches are covered: RAMS consultancy and RAMS software development. In order to obtain this certification, we have been working during 2019 on adopting a Quality Management System (QMS) and consolidating our existing processes, always keeping in mind the customer satisfaction. In order to continuously improve, the engagement of our team and its quality awareness have been vital. The commitment from upper management, reflected in the Quality Policy, has also been a must to successfully implement our QMS. Quality requires a continuous dedication to keep all records and documents up-to-date. This certification gives us an extra motivation to continue promoting our quality culture and mindset to each member of DMD Solutions.