This version presents intercommunicationon between FTA-FMEA, Maint-FTA and Maint-FMEA; and includes a customer support ticket system for issues reporting.
It also provides improvements to all the existing modules and Robin’s generic performance.


Robin RAMS Software suit version 1.3 is released



  • Intercommunication FTA-FMEA (OH-FH ratio)
  • Intercommunication Maint-FTA
  • Intercommunication Maint-FMEA
  • Full compatibility with Edge, Firefox, Opera & Safari on iOS (bs. Chrome)
  • Ticket System for Issues (Customer Support)
  • Quantity field in RPA
  • FMEA interface with MIL-HDBK-338B
  • New columns in FRACAS (types and renaming)
  • End of trial interface
  • Watermark for trial versions (MSG-3 reports)
  • Editable Remark field in Maint.


  • Environment & miles/cycle conversion for EPRD/NPRD
  • Added delimiters to Exports
  • FMEA export limited in trial version
  • Thematic highlight colors
  • Calculation update at system or BOM level
  • Ability to change a FMEA from Qualitative to Quantitative
  • Automatic tests for RPA
  • Automatic resized text in FTA gates
  • Info icons for FMEA functionalities (e.g. tags separator)
  • Units of cutsets properly indicated
  • Added column to show top gate in FTA comments table
  • Indicated column format in FRACAS settings
  • Selectable MSI to print

Modules Interconnexion
Modules interconnexion scheme

Next version will have main focus on:
  • Improve intercommunication GUI
  • Testing & error handling
  • Licensing
  • Speed improvement
  • Stable internal user’s chat
  • C implementation for exact method

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