We are excited to announce that our RAMS engineering team has engaged with Deutsche Aircraft to participate in the certification effort for the Dornier D328eco™ aircraft, a game-changing platform that will align the future of aviation towards a zero-emission flight objective.

The primary focus of the D328eco™ program is enhancing the Dornier 328 platform and delivering its future technology roadmap. The technical mission for the aircraft is based on a clear commitment for more sustainable aviation with significant positive impacts on short-range regional transportation versus today’s standard technologies. The new D328 aircraft is a derivative of the proven Dornier 328 series aircraft, which is a solid starting point for the certification basis. The technological challenge is in the new power plant combination and the latest generation avionic suite designed to turn the classic Dornier328 into a sustainable regional and multi-mission applications aircraft capable of meeting the future challenges of the market.

DMD Solutions and Deutsche Aircraft have agreed on a 4-year collaboration plan aligned with a soundly designed certification strategy. The DMD Solutions RAMS team will support the Type Certificate approval of the D328eco™ by providing engineering expertise in Safety, Reliability, and Maintainability in the framework of CS-25 regulatory requirements. In particular, DMD Solutions has started its involvement in the Safety cycle documentation including AFHA, FHA, PSSA, SSA for the most complex systems and at aircraft level. The RAMS team works in an Agile methodology framework to maximise customer satisfaction and to meet today’s challenges of remote efficient working. The collaboration is led by Deutsche Aircraft’s Head of Aircraft Architecture and the team engages on a daily basis with the design and CVE engineering teams. For the production of RAMS analyses, both teams turn to the Robin RAMS software suite which allows a secure workflow environment and a fluid project collaboration platform.

It is with great pleasure that DMD Solutions starts this collaboration on the challenging D328eco™ project and the whole team is looking forward to keeping up the good work!