DMD Solutions was present at the Farnborough International Airshow which took place 18-22 July 2022, after 4 years of closure due to Covid. It was very exciting to meet the industry people once more face to face.  

Farnborough is where the aerospace industry shapes the next decades to come; in this occasion, sustainability, net-zero and advanced air mobility were the leading topics for exhibitors and attendees at the event, highlighting the industry’s dedication to driving positive change and building a more efficient, greener future.

Léa Defosse, DMD Solution’s Business Development Manager, represented the company and brought the vision of a Safer and Reliable path to innovation, liaising with several companies in the aircraft and UAV sectors to support their efforts toward certification. 

“It is exciting to be able to share ideas with the industry pioneers about how innovative vehicles will manage to obtain a certification whose regulatory framework is still in the making. All the excitement about the new concepts in UAV and green aviation is put on hold by the strict safety requirements in the field. No matter how challenging, the industry will find a way into safe operation for new concepts and the winners of this race are going to be the companies whose engineering teams understand the importance of securing their path to certification.”