The DMD Solutions’ visited on-site at ZAPATA COMPANY‘s facility near Marseille. Colm Ó hAnnracháin, Juan Manuel Martinez  and Aba Sargious have undertaken technical discussions and a review of the objectives, strategies concerning our partnership with Jules Birchler and Adrien UHL.

Aerospace design and safety

The Zapata Airscooter is an incredibly innovative project ideated to fulfil the dream of unparalleled Freedom Of Flight. Zapata is actively engaged in the development of advanced computer assisted controls to ensure the highest degree of safety while minimizing the requisite pilot training. It is indeed a huge challenge and DMD Solutions takes great pride in contributing its expertise in Safety and Reliability to support the innovative engineering team and their unconventional vision. Zapata’s strive to keep control of safety issues from the initial concept demonstrates a profound commitment to safety. DMD Solutions acts as an outsourced project team at present and potentially as an in-house talent service provider when projects demands increase.

Looking forward to bringing this flying beauty into the air with maximum safety! Stay tuned for 2024 🚀