The panel “Drone Industry Revenue & Investment” gives you hints to follow the money in the UAV industry. Our CEO Dario Di Martino moderated it during the Aerial Cities event held in Switzerland on Dec 2023.

This was a groundbreaking event, which provided a captivating glimpse into the future of urban mobility and drone technology. The event served as a testament to the exponential growth and investment in the drone industry, showcasing how these unmanned aerial vehicles are revolutionizing various sectors. With the global drone industry experiencing unprecedented expansion, driven by advancements and increasing demand across diverse applications. From logistics and transportation to surveillance and entertainment, drones are capturing the imagination of investors and entrepreneurs alike, propelling the industry’s revenue to new heights. This event underscored Switzerland’s commitment to fostering innovation and embracing the transformative potential of drone technology, setting the stage for continued growth and development in the years to come.

Thanks Eszter Kovács and Lorenzo Murzilli for organising it, flawless. And, thanks to Eric Brock Glen Lynch Marcus Rowley, CFA Tim Shattock to make it interesting for the audience

Check out the complete video here