We’re excited to share the news of our collaboration with Daedalean, an innovative tech organisation who is providing pilot assistance now and working to enable eventual autonomous flight through safe AI Applications.

Achieving flight autonomy is a long and incremental process, especially for the aerospace industry where a culture of safety prevails and innovation integrates in flying vehicles only after demanding assurance processes. In this framework, Daedalean is pioneering the way by associating with avionics manufacturers and designing advanced software for technologies which fly today.

Our collaboration entails the development of specific analyses in the field of reliability for PilotEye™, Daedalean’s AI-enabled visual traffic awareness system. In this capacity, DMD Solutions will conduct detailed Failure Modes and Effects and Criticality Analysis (FMECA) of the hardware components, identifying potential failure modes based on system requirements and functions. This collaborative effort underscores our shared commitment to ensuring the utmost reliability and safety in aviation technology.

What is PilotEye?

PilotEye™ is a combined avionics plus AI system which has an exceptional ability to scan the skies beyond human vision, keeping a constant watch for potential airborne threats and providing pilots with timely advisories. Not only can it identify ADS-B equipped aircraft, but it also detects non-cooperative traffic such as birds, drones, gliders, and balloons.

Developed collaboratively, PilotEye™ seamlessly integrates with the Skytrax™ Traffic Advisory System by Avidyne Corporation, a leading provider of avionics systems and safety technologies based in the US. This advanced technology enhances flight displays by streaming a real-time video feed from three aircraft-mounted cameras to a tablet screen, offering detailed information about intruders.

With its agile capabilities, PilotEye™ is on track to become the first AI-driven cockpit application certified for civil aviation.

CS-23 aircraft avionics and AI system
Figure 1. PilotEye system configuration for a CS-23 aircraft
Traffic detection avionics AI system
Figure 2. Traffic detection development view for PilotEye 

A fruitful collaboration

Daedalean has consistently prioritized the development of aviation products with certification as a central objective. In the aerospace domain, the application of artificial intelligence demands more than just a functional algorithm; it necessitates meticulous attention to safety requirements. To achieve certification, a design approach that integrates safety considerations from inception is necessary, alongside thorough documentation, validation, and verification throughout the entirety of the development process.

That is why DMD Solutions has been a long-time partner, providing the tool Robin RAMS for the design team at Daedalean. This platform enables aerospace engineers to conduct the safety and reliability calculations required for aerospace certification. Through close collaboration with Daedalean’s safety engineering division, DMD Solutions has tailored its software services to meet specific needs and support requirements.

DMD Solutions  provides a comprehensive range of Aerospace Design Engineering and RAMS solutions to help organizations ensure the path towards certification and continued airworthiness of their product. Connect with our expert team for collaborations, we would be happy to assist you. Contact us now to receive support.

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