The 2024 edition of Airspace World in Geneva has been a remarkable three-day adventure where Dario Di Martino, Founder and CEO of DMD Solutions, and Joana Verdera, CMO at DMD Solutions have had the change to engage with the Air Traffic Management #ATM and Unmanned Aircraft Systems Traffic Management #UTM industries. 

The event is flawlessly organized by CANSO the ATM industry association and the global voice of Air Navigation Service Providers #ANSP, system’s innovators and Air Traffic Control #ATC specialists. 

Delegates from over 65 prominent ANSPs, airspace authorities, and policymakers gathered from across 140 countries, establishing it as the foremost global assembly for ANSPs.

The key focus of the panels and discussions have centred around airspace characterization, risk management in innovative ATM & UTM operations, Automation, and AI safety. While innovations to tidy up the crowded airspace between new entrants such as drones systems and applications, the increased space launch and recovery operations and the ambition to make ATM procedures more efficient and greener are the driving forces propelling the industry forward, they bring in important challenges. Significant strides have been made in establishing a unified language between UTM companies and ANSPs, highlighting airspace #RiskAssessment as a critical area for development. 

DMD Solutions has exhibited in this venue as an actor in the discussion around Safe Technologies and Operations, together with our partners in Murzilli Consulting and DroneTalks.

The takeouts of the whole event are summarized by Dario Di Martino, Joana Verdera, Lorenzo Murzilli, Founder & CEO at Murzilli Consulting and Eszter Kovács, Co-founder at Murzilli Consulting and CEO of