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The following rating questions have been asked to the customers:

  • Understanding needs (Q1): DMD Solutions understands my company needs
  • Timeliness (Q2): How satisfied are you with the timeliness of the deliverables provided?
  • Communication (Q3): There was an open, honest and timely communications
  • Future projects (Q4): How likely are you to contact DMD Solutions for help with future projects?
  • Impression (Q5): Compared to how you felt about DMD Solutions before this project, what is the likelihood of completing another project with us?
  • Overall quality (Q6): Rate the overall quality of the work done

The results have been:


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Comments and Testimonials

At DMD Solutions there is sound and practical knowledge of the reliability, maintainability and safety processes. They demonstrate high flexibility and great capability to adapt to any working environment being productive from the very beginning. The consultants have a great attitude which allows a positive influence in the workplace while establishing good personal relationships which extend also out of the office. The founder, Dario, is a hard worker and can be trusted to complete the activities under his responsibility in a timely and efficient way and will be always a pleasure to work with him.

Alessandro Uberti

Good Time and Quality. Document content and document quality were the reflection of real expert competence.
Anonymous feedback

Continue with the same quality and reliable Standard.
Anonymous feedback

Communicated with good frequency and clarity. Delivered on time. Understanding and accepting of Customers’ adjusting requirements. Very satisfied with methodologies employed and results achieved on all my contracted projects.
Anonymous feedback

DMD solutions worked the task without requiring a lot of overight. The task entailed significant coordination with other staff within the company, and it was a huge benefit that you handled this without help. Branch out into more areas, so I can use you on other projects!
Anonymous feedback

DMD spirit as being part of our issues helping us getting them resolved.
Anonymous feedback

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