Cybersecurity aims to provide acceptable levels of protection against the threat of intentional unauthorised electronic interaction to aircraft safety.


Wi-Fi on board

Particular risk analysis for the security protection of aircraft systems and networks 

UAV Availability

Mission execution assurance, geo caging risk assessment

UAV Integrity

Data storage assurance & advanced algorithm protection

Cybersecurity today

Cybersecurity is a critical issue that continues to grow in importance with every data breach that occurs. Digital defenses are constantly being probed in virtually every industry, including aviation. The growing risks come from the use of new technologies and new devices such as in-flight Wi-Fi networks or cutting edge air-to-ground (ATG) communication devices.

EASA provides a regulatory framework to ensure a high and equal level of protection in the entire EU aviation system through a coming regulation of cyber security.

See “Cybsersecurity requirements for airborne systems”

Security Assessment

  • Security Scope Definition:
    • Identification of the Assets
    • Identification of the Attack Paths
  • Assessment of Threat Conditions and system Threat Scenarios
  • Study of Security Measures (Evaluation of difficulty of attacking)
  • Level of Threat and Risk Acceptability classification
  • Implementation of mitigation means (if necessary)


Applicable Regulations

  • EUROCAE ED-202A/RTCA DO-326A, Airworthiness Security Process Specification, dated June 2014
  • EUROCAE ED-203A/RTCA DO-356A, Airworthiness Security Methods and Considerations, dated June 2018
  • EUROCAE ED-204/RTCA DO-355, Information Security Guidance for Continuing Airworthiness, dated June 2014

Latest Projects

Cybersecurity Assessment

Cybersecurity is commonly defined as the protection of electronic systems from malicious electronic attack and the means of dealing with the safety consequences

FHA: Functional Hazard Assessment & SSA: System Safety Assessment

FHA & SSA are top-down analytical methods which fully explore all possible failure condition for compound systems

Risk Assessment

The risk assessment is an analysis which can be done during development phase or during service to evaluate from a safety point of view the consequences of a failure

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