Database and Software tools

At DMD Solutions, we develop tailor-made software for engineering solutions which fit our customers’ needs.

What We Do

Customized solutions

We create customized solutions to meet your unique business needs 

Database solutions

We offer design & development for database management software

Secure & Portable solutions

We are commited with data confidentiality, integrity and availability

We set up RAMS software tools which can be offered directly to the client or managed in the framework of a project, as well as Database solutions suited to our customers’ needs.

In order to provide high-quality products that meet aeronautical industry Standards, we follow DO-178C (Airborne SW) and DO-254 (Complex HW) certification processes. With the aid of the most updated software supplements (DO-331, DO-332 and DO-333), we ensure that the latest standards are verified.

Throughout the performed projects at DMD, the following types of software have been implemented.

Web application

A web application is a software that runs on a server that can be accessed from any browser without the need of installation or complex hardware.

Some of the web applications developed by DMD are:

    • RAMS tool for FRACAS, FTA, MSG-3, RPA and FMEA analyses
    • Business management application


VBA Application

Visual Basic for Applications has been used for:


    • MS Access database
      • FRACAS
      • Hazard log
      • MSG-3 to obtain Master Maintenance Plan
    • Excel based
      • Engine Bill Of Material List
      • Planning and Costs Smart Tool
      • Supplier Management Database

Desktop Application

 A Desktop Application runs on the user’s computer. At DMD we’ve developed:

      • Component Material Management Application (MRO)


      In order to guarantee the best quality on our work, at DMD Solutions we follow the procedure detailed below for software and coding processes.

             Functional & non-functional requirements
             Database type
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      <b style="font-size: 14px">REQUIREMENTS VALIDATION</b>
      Requirements tracked as ISSUES in      Agile tools
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      Coding <br>practices
      Agile <br>methodology
      [Not supported by viewer]

               Automatic Tests
               Robustness tests
      [Not supported by viewer]
      <span style="font-size: 13px"><b>REQUIREMENTS VERIFICATION</b></span>
      Deployment / Release
      [Not supported by viewer]
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      Latest Projects

      Hazard Log

      Development of a complete hazard log and repository system

      Fully functional FRACAS suite

      FRACAS: Failure Reporting Analysis and Corrective Actions System

      Master Maintenance Plan

      Organized process to harmonize the scheduling of the maintennance plan for every product of the customer’s fleet.

      Contact Us

      Carrer Selva de Mar 142, Barcelona, Spain

      (34) 931 92 43 95, (34) 644 15 25 44

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