Mission & Vision

DMD Solutions aims to provide aircraft manufacturers and maintenance companies with a comprehensive solution for their Reliability, Availability, Maintainability and Safety needs and to achieve excellence in their engineering requirements.

Whether our customers’ need is to externalize the tasks of a complete RAMS department or just punctual support, we are a valuable partner in all cases.



Thanks to the proficiency and commitment of the engineering team we are able to provide top quality in every project. We put care, dedication and thoroughness in all activities.



A young, dynamic and motivated team offers a fresh view to the traditional challenges of RAMS engineering. That is why tools development is in the core of our activity.

Efficient outsourcing


We manage to communicate effectively through a variety of channels to accommodate all needs with full availability. We can either work remotely or plan a limited time stage on customer’s site.

International focus


We have been out there, so we know that not every work style is the same. Our cultural awareness keeps us flexible and able to adapt to our customer’s wishes. We speak English, German, Italian, Spanish and Catalan.

Curious to meet our consultant engineers?

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