Acceptance Test Procedures

Aircraft Test Procedures scheme

“Acceptance Testing is a verification method to demonstrate compliance with certification or contract requirements. The Acceptance Test Procedures are a collection of the steps for the test pilot or operator to perform in order to validate those requirements.”


In the framework of the Verification and Validation activities fora Military Training Aircraft, a complete set of Acceptance Test Procedures (ATP) were requested by the customer in order to confirm that the relevant system requirements for the Mission System and Support System had been met as defined in the government contract.

The functionalities of the systems and related subsystems which require flight or ground testing were analyzed in detail to provide a Testing Plan organizing the ATPs to be conducted. For each ATP, the steps to be performed were written and later validated with the ground and flight testing team to ensure their operability. Each ATP document included the System Requirements applicable for the test, the Equipment, Tools and Supplies necessary, the Pass/Fail criteria for the steps, the Roles and Responsibilities involved in its performance, a Hazard Analysis of the procedure as well as the applicable Safety Warnings and Notes.

The complete set of ATPs were performed successfully on-field and according to calendar.

Customer profile:  Medium sized aicraft manufacturer

Product: Military trainer

Development period:  Year 2016

Skills: Safety, Aircraft Testing, Flight Testing

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