BAIE is a platform created in November 2000 that aims to promote the Metropolitan Region of Barcelona and Catalonia as a competitive setting for the activities related to the aeronautical and space industry.

Main goals of BAIE:
  • To develop a cluster to increase the activity of the aerospace (aeronautical & space) sector in the Metropolitan Region of Barcelona and in Catalonia.
  • To attract investment and related aerospace industries to the Region.
  • To boost the education capabilities of the Metropolitan Region of Barcelona and Catalonia.
  • To establish strategic links, co-operation agreements and foster personnel and R&D co-operation within the aeronautical and space community, specially due to the proximity with the area of Toulouse.
BAIE origin:

The platform BAiE is created as an initiative from the Major of Barcelona (Mr. Joan Clos), who brought together public institutions, private companies and other key players of the aerospace sector in Catalonia in this joint effort to set up the BAIE association to promote the aerospace industry in the Region. It is worth mentioning the fact that from the origin of BAIE, the autonomous government Generalitat of Catalonia (through the Department of Industry and its company CIDEM) and the Spanish government (through the Ministry of Science and Technology), joined the association as founding members. Today BAIE has more than 90 members.

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