FMECA/FMEA: Failure Mode Effects (and Criticality) Analysis

Process scheme for the approval of a type certificate

FMEA is a bottom-up inductive analytical method used to chart the probability of failure modes against the severity of their consequences. In the case of the FMECA, also the criticality of each failure mode is established, so the analysis becomes quantitative.”



Development of FMECA for the whole communication system in the frame of the certification process for a military transport aircraft.

After studying the system description documentation,  a break down of the system components must be performed.  For each component,  all associated failure modes and their severity in terms of safety impact must be identified and quantified by linking the adequate failure probability to each failure mode. The operation time of each component must also be accounted for.

The final report of an FMECA analysis serves as input for the safety analysis such as risk assessment, fault tree analysis, etc., allowing remedial effort to be directed where it will produce the greatest value.

Customer profile:  Large aicraft manufacturer

Product: Military transport system

Development period:  Year 2012

Skills: Analytical procedures

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