FHA: Functional Hazard Assessment & SSA: System Safety Assessment

Process scheme for the approval of a type certificate

FHA & SSA  are top-down analytical methods  which fully explore all possible failure condition for compound systems.”


The customer requested a complete FHA and SSA analysis of the navigation system.

FHA is a top-down process which examines system functions to identify all potential failure conditions and classifies the associated hazards. The FHA is performed early in the development, but is updated as new functions or failure conditions are identified.

Once the FHA is completed, the SSA associates a probability to each failure condition. The result of the SSA must comply with the standard requirements set by reference rules.

In this case, a new component was added to the system, so the FHA was updated resulting in design modifications.

Customer profile:  Medium sized aicraft manufacturer

Product: Military trainer and private jet navigation system

Development period:  Year 2014

Skills: Mechanical engineering, safety

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