PIMEC is an organisation which represents the employers of micro, small and medium-sized enterprises and also the self-employed workers of Catalonia.  PIMEC was created through the amalgamation of the employers’ organisations PIMEC and SEFES (1997), which united to create a confederation of employers, to become an organisation which is unique, strong and representative. PIMEC represents all the small and medium-sized enterprises in Catalonia, comprising individual members as well as joint members, such as unions and business associations, of which there are more than 300.

PIMEC is an economically independent association which represents a new model for employers’ organisations.  By means of the support it gives to micro, small and medium-sized enterprises, it aims to make a contribution to the country, and sees its main role as a social and economic force in Catalonia.

PIMEC’s vocation is to defend and represent the interests of small and medium-sized enterprises and self-employed workers. To do this, the organisation has representatives at all the consultancy and debate forums within regional, national and European governments. Our role is to help small and medium-sized enterprises to be more competitive and to provide them with the necessary resources to continue being a driving force in our economy.

See more at: http://web.pimec.org/en/inici