Support to compliance

Definition of aerospace certification programs for Type Certificate and Supplemental Type Certificate with special attention to engineering means of compliance. Validation & verification plans for complex commercial contracts in the civil and military fields.

What We Do

Obtain approval

Technical liaison with the certification agency, expert support in substantiation by analysis

Plan certification process

Definition of certification programs, technical support for safety analyses and test procedures

Commercial contracts

Verification & validation activities for complex commercial contracts with demanding technical requirements

Certification Support

Our scope covers the following certificates from the European regulatory frame:

  • Type Certificate for airborne systems
  • Supplemental Type Certificate for design changes 
  • Supplemental Type Certificate for repair designs

Certification compliance for:

  • Transport Aircraft Certification [ EASA CS-23, EASA CS-25 ]
  • Commercial Transport Helicopters [ EASA CS-27, EASA CS-29 ]

Validation & Verification

Support for the development of engineering documentation related to customer acceptance:

  • Acceptance Test Procedures
  • Customer Flight Test Program

Validation and verification of complex systems:

  • Demostration of compliance to requirements by analysis
  • Definition of test program to substantiate compliance

SORA – Specific Operations Risk Assessment

  • Full Risk Assessment
  • Preliminary Safety Revision (PSR)
  • Identification of Single Points of Failure (SPoFs)
  • Common Cause Analysis (CCA)
  • Implementation of recommended requirements to comply with TMPR integrity and assurance assignment
  • Operational Safety Objectives (OSOs) identification and assurance verification


  • Operational description (ConOps description)
  • System description document (SDD) & Schematics
  • List of functions at System Level
SORA UAV drones

Human Factor

  • Support on Human Factors certification
  • Analysis and design to minimise human error potential, workload levels
  • Analysis to verify ability to maintain situational awareness
Certification EASA Components

«Certification of Aeronautical Parts & Components in Europe»

How can aircraft designers, manufacturers, maintainers and suppliers get their products and parts approved by the certification authority? A thorough guide to certifying systems and components through the EU regulatory system.

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Latest Projects

Acceptance Test Procedures

Development of a verification method to demonstrate compliance with certification or contract requirements.

FTA: Fault Tree Analysis & CCA: Common Cause Analysis

FTA & CCA help visualize the process of failure propagation thorough the system at study

Certification plan and expert support

The process guarantees that only the products that comply with one of the regulatory bodies are able to fly

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