F/IDAL allocation


Guidelines and methods for conducting Development Assurance Level allocation to functions and items of civil aircraft and systems according to ARP4754A.

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Thursday, June 10th, 2021


05.00 PM (+2 GTM)


50 minutes + Q&A

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The Development Assurance Level is the measure of rigor applied to the development process to limit, to a level acceptable for safety, the likelihood of errors occurring during the development process of aircraft/system functions (FDAL) and items (IDAL) that have an adverse safety effect if they are exposed in service.
FDAL IDAL Allocation
Allocating FDAL and IDAL values is a complex process that requires solid criteria built by engineering experience in a variety of systems. The assignment of FDAL/IDAL is often subject to relevant discussion during the initial phases of developing the Preliminary System Safety Assessment, as it defines an important basis for future system safety compliance with a high impact on design decisions.
During this webinar, you will learn how to apply a systematic approach to assign Development Assurance Levels, following the guidelines detailed in the SAE standard ARP4754A “Guidelines for development of Civil Aircraft and Systems” and using the concept of Functional Failure Sets (FFS). The safety experts will share their on-hands experience in a variety of practical examples with complex hardware systems.

What will you learn in this webinar?

Safety Assessment according to ARP4754

The basics of the Safety aspects related to standard ARP4754, used by a company to show compliance with certification requirements and in meeting its own internal safety standards.

Development Assurance Level Assignment

The assignment process for the Development Assurance Level of an aircraft/system function or item depends on the severity classification of Failure Conditions considering the possible independence between development processes that can limit the consequences of development errors. In this webinar you’ll build a criteria to assign FDAL & IDAL according to severity classifications and and using the concept of Functional Failure Sets (FFS)

Independence Attributes

Independence attributes allow the safety engineer to have sufficient confidence that the likelihood of a common mode Error is minimized between two or more members in proportion to the severity of the Failure Condition Classification.

Two types of independence attributes are fundamental for the purposes of assigning FDAL and IDAL:

  • Functional Independence
  • Item Development Independence

Who is this webinar aimed at?

Aerospace Industry

Airframe manufacturers, system integrators, equipment suppliers and certification authorities who need a detailed discussion on safety engineering issues which may have a severe effect on architecture development and system design

Technical Roles

Design system engineers, reliability engineers or system engineers who would like to get an industry vision of the F/IDAL allocation process both from a purely technical point of view or aimed at certification approval

Professionals and Students

Any professional or advanced student involved with the safety assessment of civil aircraft and associated systems and equipment

Alejandra Lorenzo

Aeronautical Engineer
Safety Reliability Engineer

About the Speaker

Our expert in safety and RAMS studies Alejandra Lorenzo will hold the webinar. Alejandra holds a Bachelor Degree in Air Navigation and a Master in Aerospace Engineering (Major in Propulsion) by the Politechnic University of Catalonia.

She has extensive experience in Reliability and Safety projects based on ARP-4761 (FMEA, RPA, FHA, FTA, SSA) and ARP-4754A (F/IDAL Assignment). She has worked in a wide variety of certification environments, including CS-23, CS-27, CS-25, STANAG, CS-LUAS and CS-LURS and greatly contributed to developing proposals for H2020 program and other public grants. She is also an expert of Hazardous Substances (REACH and RoHS).

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FDAL IDAL Allocation
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