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Our mission

DMD Solutions works on a long-term commitment with our clients’ goals, supporting the achievement of improved performance in every project and providing the adaptability and innovative thinking that they need. Our aim is to grow together with our customers!

Project development

When you need to outsource a complete project, we take care of every angle. Check our list of services and discover what our team can do for your company.

What We Offer

We are a motivated team of consultant engineers specialized in Reliability, Availability, Maintainability and Safety (RAMS). We operate mainly in the Aeronautics, Aerospace, Railways and Energy industries. Our commitment to quality, innovation and efficient work is in every activity we develop.

We have wide experience and that is why we have an extensive range of services in the RMS field. FMEA, FMECA, DFR, FTA, SSA and much more. For a complete overview of what we can do for you please check the Services page.

Our aim is to make things easier for our customers and therefore we adapt to their needs. We manage to communicate effectively through a variety of channels enabling us to accommodate workflow requests with full availability. We can either work remotely or plan a stage at customer’s site.

Current project portfolio

  • Remote project development 30% 30%
  • On-site work 60% 60%
  • On-line work sessions 10% 10%

Our Work Flow

First your needs

Before we can get to work, we need to know about the customer’s needs and requests. In the first stage of every project we will hear about your company and in what ways we can be of use. It is time for the customer to speak in detail about themeselves.

Let's build a solid plan

At this stage, DMD Solutions will suggest a line of action. Specifically, we will elaborate a project work plan that must be reviewed and agreed with the customer.

Always in touch

Once the plan is solid, we will start the job. Communication is crucial during the project time, so as to periodically update customer on the progress. If further requirements are needed and changes must be done on the plan, we are all ears and available to adapt. Flexibility is a must.

Timely delivery

At the end of the project, we will be there for our customers. On-time and on-quality work, summarized in a final presentation at customer’s site.

Overview of current projects per type of work








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